Our Products

LandScore Basic™ 

Landcor's primary report, the LandScore BasicTM gives you access to the latest information on a property. Make key investment decisions, determine project costs, or estimate a building's life expectancy through detailed information, including:

  • Lot description
  • Sales and permit history
  • Neighbourhood sales trends

For simple property valuation needs, the LandScore BasicTM is your budget-friendly solution. View a sample of the LandScore BasicTM report.


LandScore Plus™ 

Our most in-depth report, LandScore PlusTM has redefined automated valuation industry standards by combining traditional appraisal methodology with our proprietary algorithms. Our LandScore PlusTM report helps save you time and money by providing:

  • A current-day value of a property 
  • The best, most recent sales of nearby property matches
  • An in-depth property summary

Our LandScore PlusTM tool gives you access to up-to-the-day valuation on your real estate property. View a sample of the LandScore PlusTM report.


The Neighbourhood AnalyserTM

The Neighbourhood AnalyserTM identifies current market conditions for a given region—which can help verify a property's selling price and true market value. The banking, finance, realty, and appraisal industries rely on this report to assess real estate values and mortgage costs. The Neighbourhood AnalyserTM report provides key information that can help you determine one of the biggest investments of your financial life.

From minimum, maximum, median and average sales prices for property in the vicinity to the assessed values of neighbouring properties, this report provides relevant information about the values of neighbouring properties and sales trends, important both for the purchase and the eventual resale of real estate.

Trust LandScore's Neighbourhood AnalyserTM for the most current information available.


View a Sample of The Neighbourhood AnalyserTM